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Markus Schaber

Hi, Deanna,

I think it‘s the difference between a statement and an expression.


Statements don’t have return values in general, only if they’re expressions. “if”-statements are not expressions.


My guess is: If the last statement is an expression, it uses it’s result as return value, and None otherwise.




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Gesendet: Freitag, 23. Oktober 2020 21:59
Betreff: [ironpython] Inconsistent return values



I'm relatively new to ironpython and trying to understand my options for returning values back to my C# app.  Can someone explain why option 1 returns fine, but option 2 returns null.   Trying to allow my web app users to code up some "formulas" (basic logic) and this seems like a great option, but I need to understand "the rules".   The responses will be sometimes text and sometimes numeric so wrapping in json.dumps seems like a good plan.


-------- option 1 (returns "last line") ----------

import json

json.dumps("last line")

---------    option 2 (returns null)     -----------
import json

if True==True:





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