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I’m not that deep into the details, but the IronPython threading module internally uses .NET APIs like System.Thread to create and manage its threads. So IronPython Threads are effectively equal to .NET Threads, only with Python API layer on top.


Usually, Threads are distributed to different cores if you don’t configure threads explicitly – however, you’re also responsible for proper synchronization, and the IronPython semantics differ from the normal cPython semantics as IronPython has no global interpreter lock.


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Gesendet: Freitag, 5. Juni 2020 16:52
Betreff: [ironpython] Threading


Hello all, could I get your help in understanding the IronPython threading module, specifically:

-          is it different from the .NET System.Thread class e.g. in implementation and performance?

-          with the IronPython threading module, if I created a number of N threads, will they be distributed by the operation system (e.g. Windows in my case) to different cores of a CPU to optimize the workload?


Your input is greatly appreciated.



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