Re: IronPython with Anaconda 3.7

Alex Earl

You can't mix and match python versions. You would need a 2.7 version of Anaconda because 2.7 is the version of python that ItonPython currently implements.

On Sat, Dec 28, 2019, 17:38 Ajay Kumar Wahi <AjayKumar.Wahi@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,


For past few days I am trying to integrate python script into C# application using IronPython. I have Anaconda 3.7.4 installed on the machine. I have added IronPython 2.7.9 as a reference to the project.

The targeted .Net framework is 4.7.2.


I am getting exception message while executing python script.



Below is the C# function that is setting up python environment and executing script:



ScriptEngine pythonEngine = IronPython.Hosting.Python.CreateEngine();


            ICollection<string> searchPaths = pythonEngine.GetSearchPaths();

            //string pythonInstallPath = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Path");














            ScriptSource pythonScript = pythonEngine.CreateScriptSourceFromFile(@"..\..\..\PythonScripts\");

            var scope = pythonEngine.CreateScope();


            object result = pythonScript.Execute(scope);



Can anyone please share if there is any solution to this problem? Or if there is any specific version of .Net Framework or Anaconda or IronPython that works together?





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