How to support debug in IronPython in .NET software

Hailiang Shen

Hello all, our .NET program supports IronPython scripting. We are trying to support debugging (e.g. set break point, step into, step over, run to breakpoint). A script can get/set data in the .NET program. The script is run in the same thread as our script editor UI. I have a few questions as below:


  • Do we have to run the debug mode in a thread separate from the UI thread?
  • If so, what is the best way to modify our current get/set methods (many) so under script debug mode, program data can be get/set?
  • As you know, IronPython has excellent support for .NET libs. Will it be any issues to work with .NET libs under debug mode? Similarly, what about the impact on the IronPython libs (e.g. math, os)?
  • Will debug mode slow down a script run, comparing with the case of running without debug?


Are there other items we should pay attention to support debugging?


Thank you!



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